v4.2 Onion (June 2023)

  • Added support for United States, Australia and United Kingdom focused countries alongside the Rest of the World

v4.1 Tomato (May 2023)

  • Added smoothing to weight graph
  • Added Go to Today Button on Calendar

Upcoming features in future versions

Ideas for future development of CalorieStar. Got your own idea? Let me know about it by emailing [email protected].

(In no particular order, although those at the top are likely to be completed soonest)

  • Breakdown of Macros to Weight Graph
  • Ensure Recipe Builder is easiest possible to use
  • Upvote or Downvote database entries – Confirmed entries, such as imports from the USDA data or restaurant chains, that subsequently get several downvotes could also be a good signal that the data is in error and generate a ticket for admin review.
  • Record foods eaten via audio instruction
  • Upload progress photos
  • Record body measurements
  • Notes for each day
  • Explode recipes into ingredients for further editing
  • Tracking of Water/Hydration
  • Allow adding of Salt or Sodium for adding foods
  • Set an optimum goal weight
  • Recipe importer
  • Overlay Period cycles on weight graph
  • Poop tracker
  • Allow to skip a day
  • Allow slight over/under eating to be marked as successful
  • Import/Record Sleep – Oura ring / Whoop / FitBit / Garmin
  • Import/Record Steps – Oura ring / Whoop / FitBit / Garmin
  • Convert photos of labels to text for adding foods