CalorieStar Nutrition Colours and Abbreviations

Standardised colours and abbreviations are used throughout CalorieStar to indicate the various food components and is used on the nutritional information.

Calories (CAL) White #FFFFFF
White is all the colours combined and Calories are the combination of all the macronutrients.

MrAnt Unit (MAU) Iris Blue #00B7C8
As one of the original calculations of the quality of food used on fabtrackr, MAU shares the colour of that site and is still used in CalorieStar.

Glycaemic Signal (GS) Dark Violet #8D00C8
A different way of indicating Glycaemic Load, Violet seemed a different colour to the others used and stood out.

Carbohydrate (CAR) Cinnabar #E74C3C
The colour Red was chosen for Carbohydrates as this colour is associated with Danger.

Sugar (SUG) Persian Red #C0392B
A darker shade of the colour used for Carbohydrate as Sugars are a subset of Carbohydrates.

Fat (FAT) Tangerine Yellow #FFCD02
Chosen to represent the real colour of Human Fat.

Saturated Fat (SAT) Orange #FFA800
A darker shade of the colour used for Fat as Saturated Fat is a subset of the overall Fat.

Protein (PRO) Summer Sky #3498DB
Protein is often associated with Fish as a good source of Protein, so the Blue of the sea was a good choice.

Fibre (FIB) Atlantis #87c53d
Found naturally in plant foods and green represents this well.

Salt (SAL) Ghost White #F6F6FA
Ghost White is similar to the colour of Salt Crystals

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