Top tips for weighing for weight loss

Weighing is a key part of tracking food. You need to record the weight of all you consume but this needn’t mean that you actually have to weigh everything you eat. With these tips you can make weighing manageable.

Get some scales A pair of scales can be purchased for very little; the supermarkets usually have units for £10 or less that are small and fully digital.

Get some storage boxes By weighing things like rice, pasta and cereal into small storage boxes you can quickly use it as a single portion measure. You don’t have to rush out and buy some either as your existing mugs, cups, storage boxes and utensils are all perfect.

Weigh the bit you don’t eat If you are taking from a jar of pickle for instance, weigh the jar to start with, then use what you need and weigh the jar again. The difference is what you have used.

Photo Credit Leifheit International USA

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